Eric Guilleminault

Scottsdale Trainer Bio


Eric has trained and trained with some of the most elite athletes in the world, including NFL football players, NBA basketball players, Olympic trials finalists, and collegiate national champions.

He has been a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified fitness trainer since 2003, working at such facilities as:

  •  University of San Francisco Koret Center
  •  Body Kinetics, University of California Millberry Center
  •  LA Fitness
  •  Crunch
He was also a professional baseball player abroad and an NCAA basketball player. Eric has successfully helped individuals of all fitness levels and ages reach their fitness goals. He has trained athletes that play professional football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, track, and cross country. Eric has also coached varsity and junior varsity high school basketball, assisted seniors with strength and balance training, and helped clinically overweight individuals get back into shape and reduce their risk of heart disease and diabetes. Whether training someone for an NFL tryout or just helping someone lose some extra holiday pounds, Eric always brings the same level of professionalism and attention to his clients because he truly cares about them and their goals. 

Eric holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale and a BA from U.C. Davis. Also a contributor to, he has participated in scouting trips and observed preparations for the NBA combine, picking up some new training techniques along the way. In addition to being a certified personal trainer, Eric is a certified TRX Suspension Group Exercise and Spin instructor.  He also has TRX Force and TRX Sports Medicine certifications.

Client Testimonials

Eric is terrific. Thanks to him, I lost 100 lbs in under a year.

I have been working out with Eric for about a year, and he has done wonders for me. I am stronger, have better balance and am more flexible than I ever was before. He is personable, knowledgeable and always very professional. The gym is small but has everything one needs for serious workouts. He plays great music to keep you motivated and he is always there to help and guide you to do the best workout possible.