An Indoor Cycling Instructor's Secrets to Burning More Calories

July 10, 2014, 10:08AM

Indoor Power Cycling is our most calorie burning intensive class.   Here are some recommendations from indoor cycling instructor Leta Shy to burn even more calories while creating electricity at Off The Grid FItness:

Check your form: One of the biggest mistakes Dara sees her students make in class is also one of the most dangerous. "I so often see clients riding with improper form, their knees too far forward, their weight pressing though their toes instead of their heels," she says. Riding like this could cause your cycling shoes to unclip from your pedals while you ride — not very safe when you're bouncing in and out of your saddle and giving it your all. Dara reminds students to regularly check their form during class so you don't have to cut your ride short because of a mishap.
Fuel up: You don't want to feel weighed down while you're sweating it out in class, but you do need to have the energy to make it through a grueling session. Dara suggests eating solid food — a mix of complex carbohydrates, fiber, and protein — no more than an hour before class and then something lighter right before if needed. Her go-tos: three egg whites and oatmeal with prunes, followed by a piece of fruit, smoothie, protein bar, or shake right before class.

To read more suggestions from Leta here is the link to her entire article.

Remember at Off The Grid FItness we offer indoor power cycling classes are offered on Tuesday, Thursday and weekends. 

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