What Our Members Say

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I've been a Groupon/Living Social fitness discount junkie for the past two years and have finally found a gym I love. The atmosphere is great, the people are top-notch, and the workouts are killer. If you're looking for a change from the big box gyms, this is your best bet.


As a first time gym member I have fallen in love with Off The Grid Fitness. Eric and the other trainers have uniquely created an environment that is supportive and functional to every age and fitness level. Specifically, I am enjoying the full body workouts in the very fun TRX classes. With the one on one personal training and the classes offered at Off The Grid I can honestly say I am in better shape now than I have been in years.


I have been attending classes at Off the Grid Fitness for 2 years now. I especially like the TRX classes he offers since he has a full studio for the class, and it is such a great, full-body workout. More importantly than the class, Eric is such a great instructor and manager. He makes sure that your technique is correct, and listens to feedback from his customers. Eric is always willing to make changes and experiment with his classes to both challenge his patrons, and offer them the latest innovations in exercise. Lastly, Eric takes great care of his gym. It is filled with all of the latest equipment and the workout areas and bathrooms are always clean. One of the few clean gyms that I have been in.


Great place, top people, and ecofriendly machines — the perfect harmonic convergence. Now that's a gym! Off The Grid Fitness is a slam dunk. Throw it down, Big Man.


It’s one thing to say you are a green company, but it’s something entirely different to create a fitness facility where patrons can actually generate electricity back to the grid. That’s really something unique.