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Why You Shouldn’t Mix Apples With Pears

Some people are tall, some are short. Some have pear shaped bodies, others apple shaped ones. Though there are many different body types on this planet, there are ways to take these into account when trying to figure if you are in good health or not. The waist to hip ratio is one such method.

Research shows that a waist to hip ratio of more than 0.95 for men and 0.85 for women may mean you're more likely to get heart disease, and should be extra careful with your diet and lifestyle.

It's all related to the distribution of fat in the body. 'Apple' shaped people tend to store fat around their abdomen and are more likely to have health-related risks than people who are 'pear' shaped. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle can help you go from being apple shaped to pear shaped.

Find out if you may be at more risk of heart disease by using our waist to hip ratio calculator. If you want help to decrease this risk, please contact Off the Grid Fitness to find out how you can be healthier.

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