Debra Laughlin

Independent Trainers


Debra has always been an athlete and enjoyed being in the gym. As an older adult,  Debra again got serious about her own fitness in 2000 and started training with a personal trainer. It was then that she saw the personal benefit of having guidance focused on her specific goals. In 2005, she became a personal trainer to share her love of health and fitness with others that are also eager to change their lives. Living life to its fullest is the motivation she shares with her clients.

Health and fitness requires a holistic awareness to make sustained changes that endure. Debra has a wide variety of life experiences that allows her to connect and personalize her clients' approach to their overall health and fitness. Her clients have had positive results because of their commitment and the accountability they have developed in creating goals together.

Debra will work with you with a steady, progressive approach that considers your specific needs and goals. To schedule an appointment with Debra please email us at [email protected] or call us at (480) 483-0184