In The News: Valley's first green gym shows off machines that produce energy

March 29, 2013, 01:20PM

By Katie Baker


When you go to the gym, you usually want to burn off a lot of energy, so it seems to make sense that a Valley gym is finally putting that energy to good use.

Off the Grid Fitness is the first of it's kind in the state. It's goal, according to gym owner Eric Guilleminault, is to be as green as possible. He hopes other gyms will follow its lead.

The treadmills don't plug in. They are self-powered and self-generated.

The ellipticals don't require electricity, either. They actually produce it.

If 20 ellipticals were running at the same time for an hour, you would get enough energy to run a ceiling fan for 30 hours.

"It has an amplifier on the bottom, which harnesses the energy that he produces and it goes back to a converter and back to the grid, which is taking the energy back the facility," Guilleminault said.

The exercise bikes also produce energy.

Even the drinking fountain shows how many plastic bottles you have saved by filling up your water bottle, instead of using disposable ones.

In the group exercise room, Guilleminault chose to put in bamboo floors because bamboo trees grow back faster than any other kind of tree.

Other equipment in the gym has been bought from other gyms and fixed up to be used again.

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