In The News: The Fit List: The best 2014 Fitness trends

January 15, 2014, 01:45PM

By Brien McElhatten
Posted: The List Show

Staying true to your fitness goals can be hard. Getting up early to hit the gym or swinging by after work is hard for everyone but the most focused self-starter.

If you dread gym rats and have problems with motivation, check out our list of 2014’s fitness trends, studiesd by the American College of Sports Medicine.To help us, we chatted with Eric Guilleminault, owner of Off The Grid Fitness in Scottsdale, Arizona.

1.       HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING: This hurts. This may very well make you throw up. But HIIT will get you in shape in just 25 minutes a day.

“Think twenty seconds on, ten seconds off on pushups,” explained Guilleminault. “We’ll do that for four straight minutes.” Normally, these routines incorporate multiple exercises to work your upper body, core and legs, and get you one your way quickly.

2.   SMALL GROUP CLASSES: Think of this is a way to split a personal trainer with a few of your friends. These groups can involve as little as two people or up to 10. You’ll pay less than you would for a dedicated fitness instructor, but you won’t get direct one-on-one attention. Although if you group is small enough, you’ll still get some time in with your coach.

3.   SPECIALIZED PROGRAMS: Gyms aren’t just for the younger set, many are offering programs for those age 55 and up.

“We’re steering them toward something that works on their balance, something that works on their midsection and core,” said Guilleminault. You’ll find programs that offer aerobics, strength training and even popular water exercises to ease stress on joints.

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