In The News: Go green when you go to the gym

April 29, 2012, 12:02PM

By: Kristen Keogh
Posted: Fox 10 News

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Most people these days are looking for ways to be make their everyday routine more eco-friendly, and a local business owner came up with a concept that allows his customers to go green when they go to the gym. 

The gym’s fitness fanatics aren't just burning calories, they're also creating energy. 

Eric Guilleminault created Off the Grid, Arizona's first green gym. 

Every bike and elliptical in the gym, near Scottsdale and Shea, is either self-powered or designed to return energy back to the grid. 

“We don’t see why the energy that somebody’s creating can’t be positive energy and used for something that’s your own, like health and fitness,” Guilleminault said. He also went green in the design -- and we're not just talking paint. “We have recycled rubber flooring. We have bamboo flooring, because bamboo grows back more quickly than wood. We have LED TVs,” Guilleminault said. 

Not only is going green good for the planet, Guillemenaut said it's also good for business. 

“Green business in general is something that consumers want, and if they have the choice between the two, of course they’re going to pick the green aspect at the same price point,” he said.

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