COVID-19 Gym-Related Rules

For the health and safety of our staff and all our gym members, we suggest you familiarize yourself with our new guidelines during COVID-19 as well as the guidelines we were adhering to just prior to closing the facility.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is still an important preventative measure to avoid spreading COVID-19. To reduce close contact, we will be limiting the number of members who may use the gym at any given time. Further, we ask that while you are at the gym, you keep at least six feet between you and other gym patrons.

Reserving Workout Times

We understand the temporary inconvenience that comes with only allowing a limited number of members to access the gym at a time. In an effort to help us all adhere to the social distancing guidelines and mitigate frustrations regarding whether or not a member can access the facility, we have added a new feature to our website. This simple feature allows members to reserve a time slot for their workout during regular business hours. NOTE: To access this feature, you must have a Mindbody account. If you have not created an account or are not sure, click HERE. If you need assistance setting up your account, please contact us.

Workout time slots are offered in one-hour increments. To reserve a workout session, simply click on the Sign Up Now button next to any available slot under "Open Gym" classes. While it is not mandatory to reserve a time slot in order to access the gym and we will always allow walk-ins if there is availability, we strongly encourage our members to reserve a workout time. This will guarantee your access to the gym and eliminate the likelihood of you having to wait until there is availability.

Additional Health & Safety Guidelines

Our updated rules and guidelines as outlined in no way supersede any national, state, or municipal rules that have been set in place as a result of COVID-19. Further, we strongly urge you to follow at all times all pandemic-related recommendations provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This includes rules that may directly or indirectly cause harm to our business and/or our members.

The health and safety of our staff and our members is paramount. As such, we ask that all of our members over the age of 65 consider the recommendations by the CDC of avoiding fitness establishments during this crisis. While we at Off the Grid Fitness are not enforcing this individual recommendation, we do encourage those in this specific age group to strongly consider following it.





__ Sign a Covid-19 related liability waiver (This will be done only once, when the member enters the gym for the first time)

_  Due to Scottsdale City Ordinance an appropriate facial mask must be warn at all times, which they will keep on during the entire time in the facility (You may not workout without one). During all other times of the day a facial mask is recommended but not required.

_  Have their temperature taken by staff during business hours (No one should with a temperature above 100 will be allowed to enter and workout)

_  Wash their hands upon entry of the building

_ Be an active member.  For the safety of all, only active members can use the facility.  We will not be doing any trial memberships at this time.  Children, parents, and friends will only be allowed to enter the premises if they have a mask and have their temperature taken, and will only stay within the facility for 5 minutes maximum, which is plenty of time for a pick up or drop off.  NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO SPECTATE A WORKOUT OR LOITER WITHIN THE FACILITY.


_ Maintain the 6 feet distance from all other patrons.

_ Keep their bags either under cubbies or in locker area.  Any bags found elsewhere will be removed and may be destroyed (with their contents) by staff.

_  Not eat.  Eating food will no longer be permitted in facility 

_  Not use the water fountain.  Please bring your own water

__Use towels.   We will still be supplying towels but it is recommended that you bring your own facial towels.

__ Put Kleenexes only in the trash, not in cubbies, not in towel bins, and not on the floor. 


_ Put all equipment back in its proper place.

_ Wipe down all equipment and machines before and after use with the spray bottle. 

_ Limit the number of pieces of equipment used at the same time.  Sharing equipment is strongly discouraged due to the virus.  Please adapt accordingly, and if sharing is unavoidable, please wipe down equipment between sets.

_ Limit workout sessions to one hour maximum until further notice (This will be strictly enforced during business hours)

_  Be aware that trainers will be limited to train maximum two clients at a time.

_  Be efficient with their time.  Please remember you only have one hour to workout on your own.  Everyone is going to be excited to see one another given this close knit community.  Just remember that due to social distancing limitations while you are talking and not working out another member may be waiting outside the facility waiting to get their workout in.   



_ Wash their hands.  Showers will be available for use but we strogly discourage you from using them at this time.  Only take a shower in the facility if it's absolutely necessary.

_ Leave no Kleenexes or towels out in the open.  Place them in their appropriate bins or take them home

__ Not loiter.  Again, we appreciate you wanting to talk with other patrons, but due to capacity constraints, you staying prevents someone else from entering.  Please be mindful of the needs of all