Aleksi Yi

Independent Trainer


Aleksi has always lived an active lifestyle, but it was after playing basketball competitively for 9 years that the gym and working out became his new passion. Living and promoting a strong, healthy lifestyle quickly became a strong passion of his and this is how Aleksi decided to continue his education at Arizona State University by receiving a Bachelor of Science in Exercise & Wellness. During his education at ASU, Aleksi also earned his National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Training Certification and began personal training in early 2014. At the same time Aleksi began personal training, he also began training for a men’s physique show and after losing 30 pounds and 15% body fat, he competed in his first NPC Men’s Physique Show in the summer of 2014. Since graduating Aleksi has continued his education and most recently became TRX Suspension Certified. leksi has helped a wide variety of clients reach their fitness goals and helped educate on the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle; regardless of the client, Aleksi approaches each client with the same passion and desire to help them reach their fitness goals the fastest. Everything is approached individually and tailored to best suit the individual’s needs, let’s get started today!